Video: Nissan develops self-cleaning car

Apr 25, 2014

Washing a car is time consuming and can quite often be rather expensive. Nissan has just tested an innovative coating that uses nano-paint technology to repel dirt – goodbye bucket and sponge. The “specially engineered...

Nissan Playstation GT Academy qualifying opens in Australia

Apr 24, 2014

Fancy yourself as a racing car driver? Nissan and Playstation are looking for the next gamer-to-racer to join their list of GT Academy winners, with qualifying now open for Australian gamers. Qualifying is now live...

Nissan Motorsport ‘VK56DE’ V8 Supercar engine unveiled

Sep 04, 2012

Nissan has unveiled its new V8 engine that will be used to power the Nissan V8 Supercar in the 2013 season. The ‘VK56DE’ engine is derived from the same unit that will power the upcoming...