Mercedes-AMG G 65

Mercedes-AMG G 65 recalled in the USA for being too fast

Aug 01, 2018

The mighty Mercedes-AMG G 65 V12 SUV has been recalled in the USA for a rather strange problem; it’s too fast. Well, sort of. It seems the AMG G 65, which is powered by a...

BRABUS G 900 turns Mercedes-AMG G 65 into Darth Vader

Sep 13, 2017

Planning a midnight bank robbery and need a getaway vehicle? Perhaps the kids at your son’s school are giving him a hard time and you need a new car for the school drop off and...

Mercedes-AMG G 63 & G 65 Exclusive editions announced

Sep 04, 2017

Mercedes-AMG G 63 ad G 65 Exclusive editions have been announced, likely coming in as the last hurrah for the current generation performance G-Class. As we know, Mercedes is hard at work developing the next-gen...