McLaren BP23

McLaren Speedtail name confirmed for BP23 hypercar

Jul 26, 2018

It’s confirmed. McLaren’s upcoming top-speed king will be called the McLaren Speedtail. The British company confirmed the name overnight, with a private preview of the car locked in for later in the year. Also known...

McLaren creates ‘Speed Form’ BP23 sculptures for owners

Apr 04, 2018

In the lead up to the introduction of the all-new McLaren ‘hyper-GT’ car, known as the BP23, the company is handing out a special sculpture of the interior to all order-holders. Called a ‘Speed Form’, the...

Official: McLaren BP23 will be the fastest McLaren ever made

Mar 10, 2018

McLaren has confirmed its upcoming, three-seat hypercar, codenamed BP23, will have the highest top speed of any McLaren road vehicle ever made. This means exceeding the top speed of the famous McLaren F1. The F1...

McLaren BP23 prototype confirms central seat for F1 successor

Sep 29, 2017

Some official details of the heavily-speculated McLaren F1 successor, codenamed the BP23, have been revealed, including images of a prototype. The images confirm the return of a central driving position, and suggest cameras could be...

McLaren previews ‘Hyper-GT’ BP23 model, F1 successor

Mar 24, 2017

More details and a teaser sketch of McLaren’s 2019 three-seater flagship with a central driving position have emerged, with the ‘Hyper-GT’ car featuring hybrid technology and an all-new chassis. Codenamed BP23, the car is something...