McLaren 620R

McLaren wraps up Sport Series with final 620R deliveries

Mar 24, 2021

McLaren is wrapping up the production of its Sport Series models, with the final build and deliveries of the 620R to customers in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. McLaren’s first Sport Series variant was...

McLaren Special Operations creates ‘R Pack’ for 620R road car

Sep 09, 2020

A hardcore R Pack is now available for the McLaren 620R, designed and developed by the McLaren Special Operations division to help increase performance and exclusivity for the epic supercar. The McLaren 620R is already...

McLaren 620R revealed as new track-ready road car

Dec 09, 2019

Looking to buy a very fast track car but one that you can drive to and from the track on the road? McLaren has the answer. Introducing the new McLaren 620R. The British company describes...