Mazda Hazumi

Mazda Hazumi concept officially unveiled at Geneva

Mar 06, 2014

Mazda has ripped the covers off its funky Hazumi concept at the Geneva Motor Show, previewing the next Mazda2. Keeping in line with the company’s latest design features, the Mazda Hazumi looks set to be...

Mazda Hazumi concept revealed, previews new Mazda2

Mar 04, 2014

The first images of the Mazda Hazumi concept car have leaked online ahead of its Geneva show unveiling later this week. The funky little concept previews the next-gen Mazda2. It shows a clear design relationship...

Mazda Hazumi concept leaked, previews next Mazda2?

Feb 26, 2014

An alleged official image of the Mazda Hazumi concept car has been leaked online ahead of its Geneva Motor Show debut, revealing a sporty little compact hatch. As reported a few days ago, the Hazumi...

Mazda HAZUMI Concept set for Geneva Motor Show

Feb 22, 2014

More details about car unveils at the Geneva Motor Show are slowly trickling out, with the Mazda HAZUMI Concept set to make an impression previewing a next-gen subcompact car. The Hazumi, a Japanese word meaning...