Lancia Stratos

Michelin Rallye Groupe B to rekindle the Group B rally spirit

Apr 03, 2012

Group B Rally is set to make a comeback, sort of, on the weekend of August 25-26. A special event called the Michelin Rallye Groupe B has been set up in the UK which will...

New Lancia Stratos production blocked by Ferrari

Jul 15, 2011

Ferrari has announced it has “blocked” all possibilities of the new Lancia Stratos one-off special going into production. Yes, it would have been an expensive Stratos if it did make it into the showrooms but...

Video: Michael Stoschek drives Lancia Stratos around Francorchamps Spa

Jun 24, 2011

Want to take a brand-new Lancia Stratos made mostly of carbon fibre and built upon a Ferrari 430 platform for a drive around Francorchamps Spa racing circuit? Well, you can’t. Unless you’re Michael Stoschek. Michael...