Kia Optima GT

2019 Kia Optima on sale in Australia, prices reduced

Jun 20, 2018

Following the overseas reveal of the 2019 Kia Optima, Kia Australia has now introduced the facelift with some local changes, giving it “renewed relevance”. The sedan market is one of the fastest-declining segments in Australia....

2016 Kia Optima GT Turbo review (video)

Mar 02, 2016

In the market for a sporty, luxurious and practical sedan? Well, Kia claims its 2016 Optima GT is all of the above, and more. In the company of sub-premium mid-sized sedans like the Ford Mondeo,...

2016 Kia Optima on sale in Australia from $34,490, GT turbo added

Nov 13, 2015

The 2016 Kia Optima is now on sale in Australia, introducing a new turbocharged engine option, along with updated styling and equipment. Initially revealed at the 2015 New York Auto Show earlier this year, the...