Jaguar XJ Supersport

Video: Jaguar XJ Supersport ‘Nurburgring Taxi’ crashes

Aug 17, 2013

Although the Jaguar XJ Supersport Nurburgring Taxi promises a thrilling ride to passengers, the customers of this ride-along got a bit more than they bargained for. During some laps recently at the ‘Ring, the Jaguar...

2013 Jaguar XJ Supersport review

Apr 06, 2013

Whether you like to drive or to be driven, if you require paramount levels of automotive class and speed, the 2013 Jaguar XJ Supersport is an ideal candidate. It offers a huge blend of performance...

Jaguar XJ Supersport used for Nurburgring taxi service

May 06, 2012

Jaguar has launched a new Nurburgring taxi service using a specially modified Jaguar XJ Supersport, with Sport and Speed options. The taxi also features a unique matt grey exterior finish. Like the BMW M5 Ring-Taxi,...