Isle of Man

Mark Higgins’s Isle of Man lap record in new Subaru WRX

Jun 21, 2014

Remember Mark Higgins breaking the motor vehicle lap record at Isle of Man, again? Subaru has released a video capturing some of the lap highlights. The record was achieved in a lightly modified 2014 Subaru...

2015 Subaru WRX STI sets new Isle of Man lap record

Jun 05, 2014

Subaru has done it again and set a new world lap record at the Isle of Man TT road course in a production four-wheeled vehicle. This time the record was set with the new 2015...

Subaru attempting Isle of Man lap record with 2015 WRX STI

May 08, 2014

Some might remember Subaru setting a new world record lap time at the Isle of Man in 2011 with the WRX STI, with Mark Higgins behind the wheel. The company is looking to reset the...

Video: Subaru Impreza WRX STI smashes Isle of Man record

Jun 25, 2011

Subaru, sponsoring this year’s Isle of Man TT event, has smashed the Isle of Man record for a motor vehicle in a Subaru Impreza WRX STI driven by British rally driver Mark Higgins. He posted...