Hyundai Prophecy

Hyundai envisions Palisade N, NEXO N performance variants

Apr 02, 2020

Hyundai’s N performance division has created some digital depictions of some future N model ideas for April Fool’s humour, with cars including a NEXO N, Palisade N, and Prophecy N. These are just digital renderings...

Futuristic Hyundai Prophecy EV concept unveiled

Mar 03, 2020

Check out this stunning concept. It’s called the Hyundai Prophecy, and it was supposed to make its debut at the Geneva motor show this week but that has since been cancelled. We saw a preview...

Sporty Hyundai ‘Prophecy’ EV concept previewed, debuts at Geneva

Feb 14, 2020

Hyundai has confirmed it will be unveiling a futuristic EV concept, known as the ‘Prophecy’, at the Geneva motor show next month. And it has sent out a teaser image to build some excitement. The...