Honda Mean Mower

Honda Mean Mower officially fastest mower in the world

Apr 03, 2014

Some may remember the insane Honda Mean Mower built by Honda and Top Gear. The crazy garden tool has just smashed the world record, officially becoming the fastest lawnmower in the world. Top Gear Magazine‘s...

Honda Mean Mower vs Honda Civic BTCC racing car

Oct 15, 2013

As a way of celebrating 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, Auto Express has released a special race video between a Honda Civic BTCC racing car and the record-breaking Honda Mean Mower. The Civic produces around 224kW...

Honda ‘Mean Mower’ revealed, fastest mower in the world? (video)

Jul 21, 2013

Remember the story about Honda and Top Gear planning to create the world’s fastest lawn mower? Well, the project is now complete, and it certainly has the power to set records. Using a conventional Honda...