Holden Caprice

Jeff Gordon stars in Test Drive 2

Mar 02, 2014

If you thought the first video by Jeff Gordon and Pepsi Max was funny, this one is even better. This time, instead of scaring the hell out of a car dealer, he pretends to be...

2014 Holden WN Caprice revealed: $10k cheaper, new interior

May 16, 2013

In light of last week’s surprising VF Holden Commodore price structure, Holden has revealed the 2014 ‘WN’ Caprice and Caprice V will also receive quite a hefty price cut, as well as a completely redesigned...

2012 Holden Caprice LPG review

Dec 01, 2012

Despite the going trend in vehicle downsizing, with carmakers producing smaller, lighter, and more efficient models, options are still available for CEOs and the like who want a large luxo-barge. And in the case of...