2012 FPV GT RSPEC review (video)

Feb 26, 2013

The 2012 FPV GT RSPEC is the most powerful car ever made in Australia. With 335kW and 570Nm available, launch control, serious suspension tweaks, and wider rear rubber, you just know this thing means business....

FPV GT RSPEC ‘400’ highway patrol car revealed

Nov 27, 2012

FPV has donated a special edition FPV GT RSPEC to the NSW police to help celebrate the force’s 150th anniversary. The special model comes equipped with full NSW police equipment and livery, and a tuned...

FPV GT RSPEC Limited Edition available from $76,990

Aug 13, 2012

FPV has revealed the new FPV GT RSPEC Limited Edition Aussie muscle car. Although the 335kW supercharged V8 engine is untouched, the RSPEC comes with a number of special features to separate it from the...