Ford Fiesta Metal

2013 Ford Fiesta Metal review (video)

Apr 03, 2013

The 2013 Ford Fiesta Metal surprises for its size. Many might assume it’s just a prettied-up little four-banger, but underneath it features a host of moderate performance tweaks – including a power boost – which...

Ford Fiesta Metal limited edition on sale in Australia from $22,990

Aug 02, 2012

Like the other various car manufacturers that are also bringing out black-themed limited editions, Ford is introducing the 2012 Ford Fiesta Metal. It comes with more presence and more power. The first thing you’ll notice...

Ford Fiesta Metal special edition with 100kW (134hp) – UK only

Sep 27, 2011

While the UK awaits the arrival of the new 2012 Ford Fiesta ST, Ford UK has just announced an interim special edition model called the Ford Fiesta Metal, priced from £15,695 (approx $24,700 AUD). The...