Ferrari F1

For Sale: Ferrari ANRO XI Hydroplane speedboat

Feb 22, 2012

It may be a boat on a car website, but this high-performance watercraft is powered by Ferrari. Called the Ferrari ANRO XI Hydroplane, it features a full-blown V12 Ferrari engine. And it’s going up for...

2012 Ferrari F2012 F1 car unveiled

Feb 03, 2012

Ferrari has pulled the wraps off its new 2012 Ferrari F2012 F1 car. Ferrari says it is all-new, with completely revised aerodynamic styling, suspension and chassis setup over the outgoing 2011 F1 car. Upon initial...

Ferrari F150° Italia 1:1 scale replica steering wheel

Jul 18, 2011

Unless you’ve got more money than the Sultan of Brunei, the chances of getting behind the wheel of an F1 car any time soon are pretty slim. It’s a grim outlook but it’s just something...