De Tomaso Pantera

New De Tomaso Pantera in the works: Ares Project Panther

Dec 14, 2017

Remember the De Tomaso Pantera from the 1980s? It looks like it might be coming back via this modern interpretation by Ares Design, called Project Panther. The project is being led by former Lotus boss...

33 of the world’s coolest cars start their engines

May 08, 2014

Below is a video that features 33 of the world’s best performance cars – past and present – starting their engines. In it you’ll hear the likes of a Porsche Carrera GT, a Ferrari 360,...

For Sale: De Tomaso Pantera with over 900hp

Nov 18, 2011

The ultimate Italian muscle car would have to be the De Tomaso Pantera. Here’s a mint and extremely rare example of one up for sale in British Columbia, Canada, with over 900hp. According to the...