Video: 125cc mobility scooter drifts at 51mph (80km/h) on snow

Feb 08, 2012

Whatever your idea of fun is, we’re guessing this could top it. It’s the world-record breaking two-stroke 125cc mobility scooter having some fun on an empty snow field. Colin Furze from the UK cracked the...

Video: 480hp V8 Chev bar stool – ‘Add A Motor To It’

Oct 26, 2011

Following in the theme set by the world’s fastest couch last month, the latest episode of ‘Add A Motor To It’ features a 480hp V8 Chev bar stool. What will they think of next? Kit...

Video: World’s fastest couch breaks Guinness Record in Australia at 163km/h

Sep 28, 2011

The record for the world’s fastest couch has just been broken, and it happened right here in Australia. Camden Airport in south-west Sydney hosted a speed record attempt on Monday, where a custom-made performance couch...