Lego Batmobile heading to Art of the Brick exhibition in Sydney

Oct 19, 2015

We’ve probably all had various Batman Lego accessories at some stage in our lives, however, we bet nobody had a Lego Batmobile to the detail and scale of this one. Nathan Sawaya, a renowned Lego...

Web series ‘Super-Fan Builds’ makes Batmobile stroller

Jan 20, 2015

To all super-fans out there, drop everything and read this. Before convincing everyone you know to nominate you for a precious appearance in Super-Fan Builds. After all, this web series has a Higher Purpose that...

For Sale: First original DC Comics Batmobile from 1963

Dec 01, 2014

It could very well be the synopsis of a charming automotive fairy-tale. After several years of outright abandonment, the first officially licensed Batmobile is ready to return to eternal glory. Thanks to intensive restoration, the...

Jay Leno drives Batman’s Tumbler

Oct 02, 2013

Is there anything more impressive than driving Batman’s actual car? Jay Leno got a chance in one of his most recent episodes of Jay Leno’s Garage to drive Batman’s Tumbler, featured in the latest Batman...