Automated Driving

Video: Tesla Model S P90D Auto Pilot demo (POV)

Nov 09, 2015

Auto Pilot is a phrase we usually only associate with jet planes. You might as well get used to saying it though, as cars will soon feature such technology. Enter the latest Tesla Model S....

Mercedes-Benz steps up autonomous vehicle technology

Nov 19, 2014

Mercedes-Benz has showcased some new features and technology which are set to revolutionise vehicle interiors and help make driving even more relaxed in the future via autonomous systems. Specifically, Mercedes has showcased new seating arrangements...

Automated driving research starts in Wolfsburg, Germany

Feb 03, 2014

A group of 29 research organisations have partnered up and descended on Wolfsburg, Germany, to undertake the Automated Driving Applications and Technologies for Intelligent Vehicle (AdaptIVe) program. The research block started on January 31 and...