Audi Quattro S1

For Sale: 1980 Audi Quattro owned by Le Mans winner

Apr 16, 2013

The 1980’s Audi Quattro will remain as a legendary and iconic vehicle for many years to come. Not only it is a key cornerstone of Audi’s heritage, it’s also been strong part of the evolution...

New Audi Sport Quattro could be here by 2015

Aug 24, 2012

Reports are circulating once again surrounding the idea of Audi reintroducing the Audi Sport Quattro sports coupe. It is now believed production may commence in 2015. The Audi Sport Quattro is famous for being the...

Video: KEM Audi Quattro S1 with 800hp at Isle of Man

May 06, 2012

How’s this for a wicked Sunday racer? The KEM Audi Quattro S1 features an 800hp engine, and the mother of all bodykits including a huge multi-plane rear wing. The Audi Quattro S1 is remembered as...