Arash Cars

Arash Motor Company plans 1551kW hybrid hypercar; the AF10

Feb 22, 2016

Another day and another ambitious hypercar is planned. This time it’s from a newcomer called Arash Motor Company, and it is proposing a mind-blowing hybrid called the AF10. The project will be presented at the...

Arash AF8 revealed; 7.0-litre GM power, carbon galore

Mar 03, 2014

You may remember a few weeks ago a very small niche supercar maker called Arash Cars announced it was going to introduce a new high-powered sports car. Here it is. The Arash AF8. Looking quite...

Arash Cars reveals more teasers of upcoming hypercar

Feb 12, 2014

Remember the Arash Cars teaser from a couple of weeks ago? Some more preview images have been trickled out to keep the excitement going. This time we get a glimpse of the interior, including some...

Arash Cars to unveil new supercar in February

Jan 30, 2014

Another niche supercar maker is on the horizon, called Arash Cars. The company will unveil an all-new model on February 28. Two teaser images have been released to build anticipation. Very little details have been...