Shanghai man creates miniature car, smallest in the world?

Beijing and Shanghai are very expensive cities to live in. Everything gets more expensive, from subway rides to cars. That’s the reason why some people start to get creative.

Shanghai man builds mini-car-5

60-year-old Shanghai native Xu Zhiyun has created a miniature car all by himself. And in terms of being ‘mini’ it puts the Mini Cooper to shame. This ‘car’ measures just 60cm in length, 35cm in width and 40cm in height, and looks a little bit like a tiny mobile cube.

The mini car has an engine, an accelerator system, and braking devices and gear systems. Besides the basic machinery, it is also equipped with front and rear lights, alarm devices and even its own sound system, reports the China Daily.

Xu Zhiyun spent just 1500 yuan (about AU$250) building it, which took about two years. However, he says the building process is what he enjoyed the most. Xu has always enjoyed creating things by hand and has used his skilled fingers to invent a ‘steering device’ for watching television to make it more convenient for his family. He also sews his own clothes at home.

It’s unknown if the mini car is technically road registered. Judging by the lack of number plates and the fact it would not pass crash testing protocols, we’re guessing not.