SEMA-bound Porsche 911 getting Bisimotor Hyundai V6

Mitchell Jones

Automotive purists are very particular about originality and what they do and don’t want to happen to their most beloved cars. LS1-swapped XY Falcons have provoked threats and arguments at car shows, for example. But if everyone listened to them, the automotive world would not be as weird and wacky as it is.

Porsche Hyundai Bisimoto Engine

Porschephiles the world over sooked into their cereal bowls when the Cayenne SUV rolled out in 2002. A necessary evil to keep the company afloat, they said. The latest 911 GT3’s lack of a manual and the Carerra’s switch to turbocharging has drawn derision from some quarters as well.

Well, this work-in-progress by Bisimoto will surely send them into a feeding frenzy due to the nature of its heart transplant. A 1977 911 has had its original flat-six heart ripped out, to be replaced by a Hyundai engine. According to an Autoblog report the engine is the 3.8-litre Lambda V6 as seen in the Hyundai Genesis.

Despite recent improvements in perception, Hyundai arguably sits at the opposite end of the desirability spectrum to Porsche. In addition, the V6 layout has a higher centre of gravity than a boxer six.

Still, Bisimoto is known for extracting obscene amounts of power from their products, so we expect this one to be no different. The covers will be pulled off at next year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas.

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