Sector111 Project Dragon goes back to basics

The term back to basics is perfectly fitting for this rather bare track toy, called the Project Dragon. It’s being developed by Palatov Motorsport and Sector111.

Sector111 Project Dragon-rear

It looks a little bit like a racing car without its skin, and that’s exactly what it is. Project Dragon is all about driving and nothing else.

Despite the lack of a body the project tips the scales at around 816kg, which is actually pretty heavy for a totally stripped out custom-made car like this.

Sector111 Project Dragon

You needn’t worry about power-to-weight ratios though as power in this case comes from a Chevrolet V8 churning out around 320kW and 575Nm. It’s backed up by a six-speed manual transmission taken from a Porsche, interestingly enough.

Sector111 is planning to launch the car/cart in the US next year. Prices are tipped to kick off at a fairly steep $90,000.

Sector111 Project Dragon-back