SchwabenFolia Volkswagen Golf R performance upgrade

German tuning company, SchwabenFolia, has developed a neat tuning package for the current Mk6 Volkswagen Golf R, just in time before the new Mk7 arrives next year.

The Golf R, as you probably know, is the most powerful Golf currently on the market. It comes with a 2.0-litre TFSI direct-injected turbo four-cylinder, producing 188kW (199kW in Euro-spec). All that grunt is sent into an all-wheel drive system to ensure none of it is wasted and spun away through the tyres.

If you want more beef under the bonnet however, SchwabenFolia fits a custom 90mm down pipe from the turbo, freeing up exhaust flow and assisting with boost pressure response, as well as a high-flow Capristo exhaust system with active valves that make it quieter or louder.

As a result, power is boosted to an impressive 246kW, which should bring down the factory Golf R’s 0-100km/h time of 5.7 seconds, down to somewhere well within the low 5.0-seconds/high 4.0-seconds bracket.

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Since SchwabenFolia specialises in custom wraps, it’s only natural that the company would dress up the exterior for a tuner look. A full H & R suspension setup makes its way underneath, lowering the Golf for a fatter stance, while a set of CH 19- by 8-inch alloy wheels in red complete the look.

Of course, the SchwabenFolia Volkswagen Golf R also features an ‘Urban Taupe’ matt metallic wrap over the car. There’s also a number of constrasting decals.

Overall, this would be an extremely fun little beast to try and tame. And a seriously quick one at that.

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