For Sale: Rowan Atkinson’s 1997 McLaren F1

Comedian and actor Rowan Atkinson is selling his McLaren F1 hypercar. Yes, the one he famously crashed, twice. It is one of 106 examples ever made.

McLaren F1-Rowan Atkinson

Atkinson isn’t exactly shy when it comes to cars. He is known for competing in classic nostalgia-type races in Europe, and has had an extensive collection of desirable cars over the years. Despite being famous for driving the Kermit green Mini Cooper in Mr. Bean TV series, he is also known for using his McLaren F1 as a daily driver.

As such, the car now has 41,000 miles on the clock (66,000km). Keep in mind this was once the fastest production car in the world, recording a top speed of 391km/h. It features a BMW-built 6.1-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine producing 468kW and 651Nm.

You might remember Atkinson crashed it in 2009, and then again more seriously in 2011. The latter accident saw the McLaren spin off the road in wet conditions, causing substantial damage to the car and some damage to Rowan’s shoulder.

The F1 is now in tiptop condition and is up for sale at Taylor & Crawley, a specialist dealership in London, UK. The asking price is an eye-opening 8 million pounds (around AU$15.1 million).

If you are interested in purchasing the legendary car, beware the seat, pedals, and steering column cannot be adjusted. Each McLaren F1 customer has a custom default setting which was set at the time of purchase. This could be a problem for those who aren’t similar in frame and height to Mr. Bean.