For Sale: Land Rover Discovery 2 with BMW M3 engine

A second-gen Land Rover Discovery is the last car you’d expect to tuck into an apex and maintain a precise drift all the way through, but this one manages it with ease, and it’s up for sale.

This is not your run-of-the-mill Rover 3500-powered British blunderbus. It is a custom-built rally machine with 261kW of power from an E36 BMW M3.

The Disco looks like its pedestrian brethren from the outside, with only faint flashes of red from the wheel arches and interior, plus Gulf Racing style livery hinting at what lurks within.

BMW M Division’s finest sets well back in the engine bay, which no longer has to accommodate a transfer case or front differential. There is also a latticework of chassis bracing, with adjustable coil-over suspension. The engine is manipulated via the Disco’s TD5 manual gearbox. Front brake discs are from a BMW 750iL.

Inside, two racing seats and the BMW’s steering wheel and dash take pride of place in a very functional and gutted cabin. The long lever arm suggests a hydraulic handbrake as well.

The vehicle is currently for sale on eBay priced from £7500 (about AU$12,600), with 12 bids at the time of writing. Check out the video below for a snapshot of how it performs.