For Sale: Hartge H50 BMW 3 Series with M5 V10 engine

If you love the BMW M5 but prefer the size of the 3 Series, then this Hartge H50 surely has to be your dream ride. The H50 name hints at the 5.0-litre V10 engine placed under the bonnet, borrowed from the E60 BMW M5.

BMW Hartge H50 3 Series M5 exterior

The engine has been tuned to 410kW and 530Nm, up from the factory figure of 373kW and 520Nm, and is bolted up to the E60 M5’s SMG seven-speed transmission. Performance numbers for the H50 sit at 0-100km/h in just 4.3 seconds with a top speed of 320km/h.

The donor car for the engine is an E90 BMW 325i. Only 10 of these H50 3 Series models were ever made by the German tuner, originally costing around US$220,000 (approximately AU$266,000). This example is said to be the only one in the US and was designed to be 100 per cent street legal. It features all of the creature comforts you expect in a 3 Series, with all the check engine lights and factory fitted equipment functioning as it would have in the standard 325i.

The H50 features lots of carbon fibre trimmings inside the cabin, a custom Hartge steering wheel, 20-inch Hartge alloy wheels, Hartge performance brakes, coil over suspension (30mm lower), and a sporty body kit. One of the only giveaways this 3 Series sports a V10 engine is via the badges placed on the front guards.

If you’d like to buy this insane car, head over to Tuner Motorsport. The asking price is US$105,000 (approximately AU$127,000). To hear and see the car in action, check out the video below.