For Sale: 1980 Ford Escort Mk2 with 2L Zetec twin-cam conversion

If you love classic rally cars (and who doesn’t), an opportunity has come up to buy yourself a 1980 Ford Mk2 Escort featuring a modern 2.0-litre Zetec engine conversion.

This is an epic build and one that would be an absolute joy to drive on any spirited road or dirt road. It’s only had one owner in 35 years and is now in the hands of its second owner who has just completed a three-year restoration on it.

Power comes from a modern 2.0-litre naturally aspirated Zetec Ford engine, complete with twin cams and electric fuel injection. There’s also Jenney 45 twin throttle bodies direct from the UK, helping it bark out that trademark rally roar, and an Emerald engine computer also from the UK.

It’s not just a simple engine swap either. The head has been ported extensively, with stage 2 Crower cams chucked in, and some JE piston have been bolted to Eagle conrods, and all put together by West End Performance in Campbelltown.

There’s no word on engine power, or, perhaps more importantly, the max capable engine revs, but we’re sure this would be a bag of fun to drive. The owner says it has travelled around 3000km since the restore, which makes us think, why wouldn’t you want to drive it more after such a long build?

To make sure the handling is up to the modern engine’s zest, a Ford eight-inch diff has been installed using 4.1:1 gears with a limited-slip centre, receiving spin from a five-speed club-spec transmission.

Other tasty highlights include Rix engineering power steering with a 2.2:1 quick ratio rack, a copper radiator to keep things cool, Bilstein shocks with coilovers up front, as well as refit interior with Recaro seats, custom dash and gauges, and many other bits and pieces.

The car is listed on eBay now, located in West Hoxton in Sydney. At the time of writing there is 22 days left on bidding. Price? It’s listed at a buy-it-now of AU$48,500. Check out the ad here for more details.