For Sale: 1976 Holden HJ Overlander Sandman 4×4

If you like both classic Holden’s and 4x4s, then this yellow beast will be of interest you. It combines the coolness of a Holden Sandman van with the off-road ability of a 4×4, and will no doubt turn more heads than your usual retro Holden. Meet the 1976 Holden HJ Overlander Sandman 4×4.

1976 Holden HJ Overlander Sandman 4x4

Under the skin, in true Sandman style, sits a Holden 308 V8 engine and a Turbo 400 three-speed automatic transmission – more than up to the task of tackling an off-road course. The transmission is bolted up to a Dana M20 transfer case that offers high and low range, and the driver can also select rear- or four-wheel drive. The front and rear axles were apparently sourced from America given that the Kingswood was never officially made as a 4×4.

Step inside the HJ and you see that the trim is mostly untouched, with the standard vinyl-trimmed seats and dash all still in place. The only telltale sign that this Kingswood can go off road (when you’re inside the cabin) is a lever poking through the right side of the transmission tunnel. The rear of the Sandman is also decked out with more of the same vinyl, with easily enough room to relax and enjoy a movie at your local drive-in in the back.

Riding up high in a Kingswood is certainly different to driving a lowered street machine. It’s said that around 80 of these Holden contraptions were built, making this a very rare car indeed.

If you’d like to get your hands on this example, it will go up for grabs at the 2014 Shannons Sydney Late Spring Classic Auction. Head over to the Shannons website for more details.