Rolls-Royce Phantom Zenith edition to send off current-gen

The current-gen Rolls-Royce Phantom is going out of production this year, and to help celebrate its success the company is planning a special edition variant called the Zenith.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Zenith

Rolls-Royce fans needn’t worry though, a new model is on the way. You might remember last month the company released some info on the development of the new model, including giving us a preview of the all-new aluminium platform.

Before that comes along, due in 2018, Rolls-Royce is introducing just 50 examples of the Phantom Zenith. It will be available in Coupe and Drophead Coupe form, and will be the last of the current models to be made.

The 50 will come with a number of bespoke highlights, such as unique instrument dials, laser-etched armrests, and a “money cannot buy” portable memento of the purchase.

Of course, each customer will be able to select between a range of exquisite personalisation colour combinations and in-car trimmings as well. Director of design at Rolls, Giles Taylor, said:

“As the name promises, Zenith will be the pinnacle; the best of its kind; the highest standard achievable by which everything else is judged. Zenith will be the sum of all the best features of Phantom Coupe and Drophead Coupe, with a few surprises added.”

The BMW-owned company expects huge demand for these limited edition models, with all likely to sell very fast indeed.

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