Porsche posts best-ever annual sales in 2012

Porsche has reported its annual sales figures for 2012, and it looks like the company had its best-ever year last year.  Vehicle sales were up 22 per cent compared with 2011, with 143,096 vehicles sold during the year.

As a result, the company turnover was up by 27 per cent to 13.9 billion euros (approximately AU$17.3 billion). Employment figures were also up to cater for the increased market demands, with up to 17,502 Porsche workers doing their bit by the end of the year.

Matthias Muller, chairman of the executive board, recently spoke about the success during the annual press conference of Porsche AG in Stuttgart, Germany, last Friday. He said,

“2012 was the most successful year in the history of our company. The success that Porsche enjoys in the marketplace can be attributed very largely to our attractive product portfolio. We further enhanced this last year with the addition of several new, fascinating sports car models.”

In Australia, Porsche sold 1373 vehicles in 2012, compared with 1343 sales of 2011. The most popular vehicle last year was the Porsche Cayenne SUV with 857 sales, followed by the 911 with 230 sales.

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Around the world, the company’s most popular market was North America where 39,192 units were sold, followed by China with 33,590 units. Germany reported 16,090 sales.

See below for all the stats in regards to what vehicle was the company’s most popular.

PORSCHE AG Group January to December
2012 2011 Change (%)
Sales (units) 143,096 116,978 + 22.3
911 26,203 17,607 + 48.8
Boxster/Cayman 11,740 11,280 + 4.1
Cayenne 77,822 59,873 + 30.0
Panamera 27,331 28,218 – 3.1
Production (units) 151,999 127,793 + 18.9
911 28,419 21,748 + 30.7
Boxster/Cayman 13,316 12,207 + 9.1
Cayenne 83,208 62,004 + 34.2
Panamera 27,056 31,834 – 15.0
Revenue (mn €) 13,865 10,928 + 26.9
Operating profit (mn €) 2,439 2,045 + 19.3
Employees 17,502 15,307 + 14.3

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