Pogea Racing develops insane Abarth 500 tuning kit

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If you own an Abarth 500 and are thirsty for more grunt, then you’ll be happy to know Pogea Racing has come up with a very serious performance program for it.

Pogea Racing Abarth Fiat 500

Already a potent hatch straight out of the factory, the new kit pushes the 1.4-litre turbo engine to an insane 244kW and 411Nm. Thanks to the added power, the little Abarth can shoot from 0-100km/h in just 5.1 seconds, topping out at 262km/h.

The extra power is thanks to a larger intercooler, custom forged pistons, uprated fuel injectors, a second fuel pump, larger intake and exhaust ducts, and last but no least, an upgraded turbo.

Other than the engine tuning, the tuned Abarth also sports a set of KW Sport shock absorbers as well as a set of 17-inch OZ Racing SuperTurismo GT alloy wheels. The front brakes have also been replaced with new six-piston calipers and 313mm discs.

Part of the performance program includes removing the rear seats and adding in a host of carbon fibre parts for their weight saving measures. All up, a total of 71kg is removed from the Abarth.

Exterior-wise, the front has been fitted up with a new spoiler and splitter and a new vented bonnet, while the rear now features a custom carbon fibre diffuser and a redesigned bumper.

How much? Pogea Racing is charging customers €12,500 (approximately AU$17,935) for the kit. For more information head over to the Pogea Racing website.

2 thoughts on “Pogea Racing develops insane Abarth 500 tuning kit

  1. Josh,
    I am 6 foot three tall and looking to purchase a second hand 2011 abarth 500 with a view to ripping the standard seats out and putting in replacement seats so that i can fit in and my head is not crushed into the roof lining. Any suggestions on seats that would fit and do the job?

    1. have u tried sitting in the stock seats on the 2011-2013 model? there’s a surprising amount of headroom.

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