PerformanceDrive announces free online car buying service

Brett Davis

PerformanceDrive is proud to introduce you all to our new car buying service. For anyone that has bought a new car before, we’re sure you’ll agree it can be a stressful and sometimes frightening undertaking. That’s where we can help.

PerformanceDrive car buying page

Using bulk-buying power and access to a nation-wide dealer network, we are able to ‘haggle’ the best price for any new car for you. And it’s completely free.

The way it works is fairly simple. Instead of you, an individual, going out and talking with a single dealer in a showroom, our partners have provided us with a team of experts that continuously liaise with dealers.

Each dealer literally presents their bid (their best offer) and then we select the lowest one for you, for the particular new vehicle that you’re interested in. In almost every single case the team produces a price that is considerably less than any price that an individual could get on their own. On average the system saves Australian buyers around $50,000 per month in new car purchases.

We first decided to launch this program with our readers after a handful of staff used the system for themselves or for family and friends, and every time, the car buying team came up with a quote that was over $1000 less than any quote we could get by walking into a dealer.

The best part is, there is no obligation, no contracts to sign from our part (except for the exceptional deal that you’ll end up getting), and it is completely free of charge. Next time you or someone you know is about to buy a new car, try us out.

As a bit of a case study, I personally went into a Mazda dealer to help a friend buy a new Mazda3. I won’t name the dealer, but I asked him to give us a quote for the best price. Once he gave it to us I then went and asked the car buying team to find a price for the exact same model and options. Within hours they returned a figure that was $2100 less.

On top of this, the friend had her new car delivered to her door with a full tank of fuel. She could have done all of this from her lounge room but she – like many of us – was a bit skeptical about buying online.

It might sound too good to be true but in this advanced world we live in, where everything is instant and everyone and everything is constantly connected, it does make a great deal of sense.

PerformanceDrive online car buying link

To get started simply follow this link or click the ‘Car Buying’ option in the top menu bar. From there, fill out the brief form on the car buying page (we promise not to use your details for any other reason) and hit go. One of our car buying experts will get back to you via phone or email to confirm what model you’re after. The turn around is usually within 24 hours on business days.

Unfortunately, the service is only for new model vehicles at the moment. If you have any questions at all about the service please feel free to ask us below in the comments area or by contacting us via methods on our contact us page.

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