Open speed limits to be reintroduced in the Northern Territory?

The Northern Territory in Australia used to be a mecca for speed freaks and high performance vehicle owners as it was the only place that displayed one of the street signs below; open speed limits. Since 2007, a speed limit of 130km/h has been in place.

Attorney-General John Elferink, a senior government minister, recently said that open speed limits could be reintroduced in the Territory within one year.

The Country Liberals have always opposed the 130km/h speed limits, and since returning to power in August, the ‘open road’ may return. At a recent media gathering Elferink said that open speed limits certainly haven’t been ruled out. He said,

“The open speed limits have been controversial but in truth, we are a territory which enjoys certain liberties and freedoms but nothing, nothing at all about an open speed limit says that a person can drive dangerously.

“What it means is we trust drivers’ judgement to drive in a safe manner suited to the road conditions.”

If the more relaxed law comes into place, you can count on PerformanceDrive making trips to Outback Australia for future performance vehicle tests. Who’s coming?