Nissan considering Pulsar Nismo, at least 187kW – report

Remember the idea of the Nismo Nissan Pulsar helped by some creative renderings last week? It seems Nissan might actually be considering such a model for the future lineup.


Nissan general manager and chief marketing manager Ponz Pandikuthira revealed to Autovisie that a high-performance hot hatch would depend on the business case. He said,

“We are seriously looking into the idea, but when we do, we would like a car that does well.”

He said the main concern was the amount of power it would need to develop. Nissan currently offers the Pulsar SSS in Australia with 140kW, and will soon introduce a Euro version with a similar output. Pandikuthira said,

“With 200hp (150kW) you are simply no match for the competition. You have to come up with at least 250hp (187kW) to seriously come across. The car must be good.”

Although this is not any sort of confirmation, it does at least provide some insight that the company is looking into it. Nissan is one of the only big-name companies that doesn’t offer a proper hot hatch, or even a rival driving machine to the popular Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ.

Renault, a company which has an alliance with Nissan, offers the Megane R.S. which produces 195kW. Maybe Nissan could borrow this engine for a Pulsar Nismo? Keep your fingers crossed.

Image: Rendered speculation only, by X-Tomi Design