Nissan plans 370Zki one-off concept for Chicago show (video)

Nissan is planning a special one-off version of the 370Z, called the 370Zki, which will make its debut at the Chicago auto show later this month.

Pronounced 370-ski, the special edition will be a “one-of-a-kind” concept based on the 2018 370Z. The whole point behind the car is unknown at this stage, but we’re guessing the company is trying to reinvigorate the nameplate.

Nissan first introduced the 350Z back in 2002, and then announced a major update with a name switch to 370Z in 2009. Since then, the car has been on sale pretty much as is, aside from some tweaks to the on-board media and other technologies.

Being winter themed we’re assuming the 370Zki will feature a cool white colour combination of some sort, with special wheels and tyres, and perhaps a matching interior. A video teaser has been handed out but even it doesn’t provide many clues.

As for an all-new Z car in the future? Reports indicate it is still some time away yet. Like many manufacturers out there, Nissan is concentrating on its volume sellers; SUVs. However, the next Z car is expected to come with turbo power and wear a radical design.

During 2016 Nissan Australia sold 363 examples of the 370Z. The annual figures have slowly fallen over the years, from 609 in 2011, to 436 in 2012, to 346 in 2013, then 385 in 2014, and back down to 356 in 2016. A slight increase can be expected from the recent introduction of the 370Z Nismo version.