New Dodge Viper GTC presents 25 million possible customisations

Stress of choice is arguably one of the main diseases that wreak havoc in the Digital Age. The daily streams of internet information, for instance, already force us to filter and select so as not to drown in the swiftly rising sea of movie clips, images and tweets. Dodge, however, has decided that having too many alternatives can actually lead to some fantastic fun. Therefore, everyone who orders its new Viper GTC will be able to choose from a myriad of customising options, resulting in – fasten your seatbelts – more than 25 million possible car designs.

2015 Dodge Viper GTC

More in particular, the American Chrysler-owned automobile company offers several layout suggestions concerning paint and interior features, among (slightly overwhelmingly) many others. Roaming the streets in a regular shade of grey will be out of bounds with its 8000 colour palette, and if you would like to add some flashy stripes, be prepared to have your pick of 24,000 different hues. Afterwards, what remains are ten wheel choices, sixteen interior design preferences, six aerodynamic packages and various other options.

By now, your stress of choice has probably reached fever pitch. Luckily there are some soothing medicines at hand. Firstly, this breathtaking amount of opportunities comes at no additional cost. Secondly, your car will be 100 per cent unique. As soon as you order your preferred customised model, Dodge will register it in its database, thus preventing anyone else from fashioning – and eventually driving – exactly the same prototype.

Furthermore, buying the Viper GTC equals enrolling in Dodge’s Viper Concierge Service and the Viper Ambassador Owner’s Portal, which enables customers to receive status updates on their future vehicle’s building and painting process. A personal log-in suffices to unlock a variety of behind-the-scenes stories and pictures of your very own Viper-in-progress.

From February 1 onwards, Dodge will start accepting special orders for these customised GTC’s, while production will begin in the second quarter of 2015. Parading your exclusive four-wheeler in the jealousy-infested neighbourhood has a price tag of US$ 94,995 (around AU$117,543), but interested auto-adepts with more limited funds should not despair. After all, Dodge will shortly make the customisation tool generally available on its website, so anyone can experiment and create their own (sadly only virtual) model.

If you are immune to stress of choice and you possess the financial means to admire your Viper both on screen and on the driveway, please note that Dodge refuses to build unsafe designs (e.g. a wrong combination of specific parts). Unfortunately, though, the brand has no problem whatsoever with hideous mishmashes of eye-scorching fluorescent colours.

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