Mopar plans hardcore off-road Jeep concepts for Moab Safari

Jeep and its parts brand Mopar are planning at least a couple of unique concepts for the upcoming Moab Easter Safari later this month, handing out two teasers to get the juices flowing.

The FCA brand usually creates something unique for the big event, and this year will be no different. We get a glimpse of what looks to be a classic Jeep rear end, or at least a vehicle inspired by classic Jeeps, with a two-tone roof canopy section and a stubby two-door body profile.

At the front you might notice the badge ‘Jeepster’, which appears to hint at a go-anywhere off-road concept based on the latest Wrangler. Take a look at the the hacked out rear wheel arches and you’ll get a glimpse of the serious off-road tyres fitted up. There’s also a spare wheel mounted in the rear of the cabin.

As for the other concept previewed, it’s also based on the new Wrangler by the looks of it. It appears to gain a bullbar setup on the front, with reduced front wheel arches, again to support chunkier off-road tyres. There’s also a sneak peek at a unique bonnet potentially with some aggressive venting and bulges.

No specific details have been confirmed with the teaser images. Jeep simply says it has “once again joined forces” with Mopar to “create a selection of Jeep concept vehicles” for the Jeep Safari. It confirms more details and images will be revealed next week, before their big debut at the event from March 24-April 1.

Jeep only recently introduced the new Wrangler, sporting some new engines including a 2.0-litre turbo-petrol for the first time, as well as a range of modern in-car conveniences. Jeep and Mopar will obviously be looking to really promote the personalisation capabilities of the new model, with many accessories and option packs likely to debut at the Moab event as well.