Mitsubishi Ground Tourer hybrid SUV concept previewed

Mitsubishi is planning to unveil a new SUV concept at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, called the Ground Tourer concept.

Mitsubishi Ground Tourer concept-preview

So far only this teaser image has been revealed, along with some vague details. The company says the concept builds on its suite of new-generation SUVs, following in the footsteps of the XR PHEV II concept which was shown at the 2015 Geneva Motor show.

The concept will showcase an all-new coupe SUV design, expressing “functional beauty and Japanese craftsmanship”. It also features a “flagship” plug-in hybrid powertrain system. Mitsubishi says the interior accommodates passengers in “hushed comfort”, with “finely-crafted” details.

In terms of the design, the preview image shows a sporty side profile with a suddenly dropping rear hatch layout. Although the roofline is quite horizontal, the window sill does rise up slightly toward the rear in typical coupe-like fashion.

Judging by the size, we could be looking at an early preview of the next-generation Outlander. The high and relatively short bonnet suggests it is a smallish SUV, with the low-profile windscreen indicating sporty intentions.

All will be revealed at the Paris show, opening on September 29. We’re sure there will be more previews to come.