Mercedes-Benz X-Class ’63 AMG’ ute rendered – has potential?

Mercedes-Benz has publicly stated that there is next to no chance of its Navara-based X-Class pickup ute receiving the Mercedes-AMG treatment.

This is understandable, due to its work-oriented underpinnings that lack the pedigree and driving dynamics of other Mercedes-AMG cars. Still disappointing, as many people could and would enjoy a V8-powered Mercedes-Benz pickup, especially since the HSV Maloo’s days are numbered.

It’s no surprise, then, that renderings of a Mercedes-AMG X-Class have starting coming thick and fast. Renderer RokenR has showed us this snow white ‘X 63′ via Instagram, also giving theoretical details about its powertrain.

Starting with the X-Class, Roken has added the Panamerica grille with vertical strakes as seen on the GT R sports coupe, giant anthracite alloys, with big fat red calipers and carbon-ceramic discs hiding behind, a side step and sports bar setup inspired by the G 63 6×6 mutant, and a side-exiting exhaust system.

Like other current ’63’ badged Mercedes-AMGs, the source of motivation, in this make-believe instant, is the M177 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, only generating 456kW. This should be enough to fulfil most tradie work and play duties.

What are your thoughts about this contraption? Does the idea of an AMG V8-engined X-Class make your mouth water? Or do you think it is too much of a mongrel for the Affaltabach treatment? Tell us below.