Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG special edition teaser?

Two intriguing teaser images have been posted on Mercedes-AMG’s Facebook page, hinting at a new addition to the showroom range. There is reason to believe it is an SLS AMG ‘Final Edition’, of sorts, or at least some kind of SLS special edition.

Mercedes-AMG teaser-SLS Final Edition maybeSLS 63 AMG

Judging by the width of the front tyre, we could be looking at a rather large, more high-end vehicle as opposed to a smaller segment model. Also, if we take a look at a standard SLS AMG (above), you can see the clear resemblance in the vent detailing and layout, suggesting a possible SLS special edition.

Mercedes-AMG teaser-SLS Final Edition

As for the wheel and brakes, well, they are huge six-piston items which means we are looking at something quite serious. And again, likely a larger vehicle as opposed to a smaller one. Mercedes-AMG has simply said,

“Want to take a glimpse into the future? Over the next few days we will uncover a new member of the AMG family, bit by bit. This first picture shows a front splitter made of visible carbon.”

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We’ll be sure to follow this one up when the unveiling takes place.

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