Mercedes-Benz ‘C 450 AMG’ to kick off bespoke AMG models

Mercedes-Benz is reportedly working on a mild performance version of the new C-Class called the C 450 AMG, which will rival the likes of the Audi S4 and BMW 3 Series M Performance models.

2014 Mercedes-Benz C 250 Sport

According to an Automotive News report, company executives are looking to bridge the gap between the regular Mercedes models and the high-end AMG versions, starting with the C 450 AMG.

It’s understood the performance version will come with a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6, taken from the regular C 400, with power bumped up from the current 245kW and 480Nm, to around 280kW.

Unlike the proper AMG vehicles, the C 450 AMG and other similar packages won’t come with a bespoke drivetrain and high-end suspension and brakes. Instead, they are set to come with styling enhancements and unique alloy wheels, and possibly some interior changes.

The C 450 AMG will be a step up from all other C-Class models but no so far ahead as to catch the upcoming C 63 AMG model, yet to be revealed. For those wanting a bit more performance and flare, it will be the ideal package.

Mercedes will apparently introduce a number of unique AMG models along the same lines in the coming years, including performance versions of the CLA-Class, E-Class, and some SUV models.

Audi has always had its ‘S’ models, such as the S3 and S4, which aren’t quite as racy as the ‘RS’ models, while BMW has its M Performance sub-brand with vehicles like the M235i. Mercedes-Benz will be keen to launch liked-minded products for more direct competition.

The C 450 AMG is set to be unveiled at the US auto show in Detroit in January.

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