McLaren 12C Special Operations Concept is pure bespoke

Similar to the way Ferrari offers a range of exclusive customisation options for its customers, McLaren has the McLaren Special Operations team. This is MSO’s latest project, called the MSO 12C Concept.

McLaren 12C Special Operations Concept rear

It showcases some of the possibilities open to customers purchasing a 12C. From a variety of styling tweaks with exposed carbon fibre and black highlights, to a custom roof-mounted intake snorkel for the engine, the concept shows how you can really stand out with the 12C.

It also features aerodynamic enhancements in the form of some front winglets and a customer front air dam made from carbon fibre, a revised bonnet with special vents, and some new vents at the back made from carbon fibre of course.

McLaren 12C Special Operations Concept interior

Inside is decked out in a cool black and white colour scheme with carbon fibre bits and pieces everywhere you look, on the dash and instrument cluster. The instrument cluster itself is also bespoke.

There’s been no mention of any changes in the engine compartment so we assume the regular 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 resides. It produces 459kW and 601Nm.