Mansory gives Range Rover Sport full carbon fibre body

German aftermarket tuner Mansory has unveiled a host of both visual and mechanical upgrades for the latest Range Rover Sport. Hope you like carbon fiber…

Mansory Range Rover Sport

Stepping inside, there’s a funky new two-toned black/blue aesthetic, melting in around lashings of carbon fiber and quilted leather throughout the interior.

On the exterior, there’s a redesigned carbon fiber bodykit, adding around 60mm to the Range Rover’s width. Mansory has also tinkered with the front splitter and added LED headlamps. In addition, there’s an all-new bare naked carbon hood to compliment the rear spoiler, side and rear skirts, side mirrors and D-pillars that are also finished in the shiny-stripey expensive stuff.

Far from just a few aesthetic tweakings, Mansory also offers several performance upgrades for the Range Rover Sport. The most interesting of which ups the ante to 456kW/800Nm from its 5.0-litre supercharged V8. This is a 51kW/120Nm upgrade from the stock flagship Sport SVR.

Mansory Range Rover Sport-interior

There is also an upgrade offered for the diesel variant, taking outputs up from 250kW and 740Nm in the stock SDV8 to 279kW and 800Nm.

Mansory has added massive 23-inch alloy wheels, covered in 315/25 ZR23 rubber, giving it the ride height of a 747 at cruising altitude. If you want a vehicle that will make an imposing presence anywhere you go, this is it.