Man seeks Jeremy Clarkson’s attention, will sell BMW for charity

‘Think before thy tweetest, for it may cost thee thy car’. A certain man from Johannesburg in South Africa should consider carving that fictional yet functional statement in stone and hanging this self-made wisdom plaque in a clearly visible salon spot. After all, his remarkable request for a retweet or a response by Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of the renowned car show Top Gear, has now resulted in a forced parting with his BMW 320i. Fortunately, this seemingly dark story has a broad and shining silver lining, as all proceeds will go to charity.

Jeremy Clarkson retweets BMW sale

On Monday, on most household calendars marked as World AIDS Day, the man used his regular 140-character Twitter space to post the following wish. If Jeremy Clarkson retweeted his message, he would willingly put his vehicle up for sale and afterwards donate all the newly-gained funds to AIDS research.

A promise is a promise, and that is why the smooth dark sedan is now one of the most recent adverts on South African Gumtree sales website. According to the tweeter’s enthusiastic description, the 2006 BMW has an odometer displaying 137,000km and additional features such as an MP3 player, electric windows and cruise control. The automatic automobile will (hopefully soon) swap owners for 89,000 Rand, which roughly translates to AU$9450.

If you happen to live in South Africa and fancy buying a new car, it could be your Good Deed Of The Day right there.