Luddenham Raceway in west Sydney coming in October

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With Oran Park now gone, Sydney has just one proper race track; Sydney Motorsport Park, formally known as Eastern Creek Raceway. This will soon change thanks to a new circuit complex in the works called Luddenham Raceway.

Located in the farmland areas in western Sydney, near Liverpool and near the old Oran Park circuit, the complex is set to feature an eight-metre wide track with a total length of 1.25km. Down the main straight is planned to be 10 metres wide.

As you can see by the proposed layout in images taken from the official Facebook page, the 12-corner track is set to feature a number of hairpins and consistent tight turns. These will be strung along fairly hilly terrain.

The complex is also being designed with a go-kart circuit on the same property, as well as a paintball area for skirmish.

As far as we know, the privately-owned complex is being pitched as a possible new location for track days and driver training programs. It may even incorporate drifting events like Oran Park did back in its day.

The track is being welcomed with open arms by car enthusiasts, obviously, as the spirit of motorsport and driving has deteriorated in Sydney somewhat since the deletion of Oran Park.

6 thoughts on “Luddenham Raceway in west Sydney coming in October

  1. What sort of events will this curcuit be catering for? and will club days and open race days be available ?.
    Good to finally see a replacemant for Oran Park……..hopefully it too wont turn into a housing estate.


      1. all the best with this project. We definatlly need a new circuit in Sydney. Hope you have nice neighbours.

    1. this complex should aslo house a motocross facility as oran park did, our area needs more places to ride as well as race.

  2. It is unfortunate, but give it 20 years and housing will take over the complex. As for neighbours, Sydney society of model engineers one side, and land renters elsewhere. Most of the properties in this stretch are owned by Kiwi retirement funds and Chinese investors waiting for the area to become zoned for residential housing.

  3. What a shame to see CAMS have their grotty hands on the circuit. I hope they don’t have total control, they tend to stuff up everything they touch.

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