Lotus introduces Exige S Automatic

October 27, 2014

Lotus will introduce the Exige S Automatic, giving its customers the option of a six-speed paddle-shift automatic. The two-pedal layout will mark the first time an automatic has been offered in the sports car.

Lotus Exige S drifting

Lotus says the six-speed automatic “has been specifically tailored to the sporty characteristics of the Exige”. The gearbox comes with a Sport and Race mode, with the latter optimising gear shifts and response for a more spirited drive.

Group Lotus plc chief executive officer Jean-Marc Gales said,

“By introducing a paddle-shift, we have expanded the Exige product range to make it more accessible to customers worldwide. Now, customers who are more accustomed to two pedals and automatic transmissions can enjoy the unbelievable performance and handling of the Exige S without compromise.”

Performance for the six-speed automatic is expected to exceed the manual variant. In recent testing carried about by Lotus the self-shifter managed to shoot from 0-100km/h in 3.8 seconds, 0.1 seconds faster than the six-speed manual.

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Lotus Exige S six speed automatic

Sitting alongside the manual, the automatic model will come as cost option on the Exige S and Exige S Roadster. Australian prices for optioning up to the six-speed automatic have not yet been confirmed, however prices for UK buyers sits at 2000 British pounds (approximately AU$3650).

The Exige S and Exige S Roadster are currently on sale in Australia from $126,990.

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