Lotus announces lightweight options for Evora 400

Light is right, according to Lotus. So to emphasise this point, the manufacturer has released a new carbon kit and other upgrades for the Evora 400, all in the name of shedding weight.

Lotus Evora 400 lightweight pack

Lotus’s carbon pack includes a new front splitter, roof panel, rear wing and diffuser, front access panel, and side mirror caps, many of which have been taken from the Lotus Evora Sport 410. There’s also the option of a lithium-ion battery and titanium sports exhaust system to further minimise weight.

The handmade carbon parts shave 5kg from the total weight, while the lithium-ion battery and titanium exhaust system each reduce the Evora’s weight by 10kg, resulting in a kerb weight of 1353kg from 1395kg in stock form. Lotus’ CEO Jean-Marc Gales said:

“The Lotus Evora 400 is already the lightest car in its segment, with super car performance, benchmark handling and the purity of the driving experience expected of a Lotus. We are now giving customers an opportunity to drive an even lighter and more responsive car.”

The extent of weight-saving witchcraft reaches all the way to trivialities like the cup holders that weigh just 120 grams. According to Lotus, “the cup holder has an almost negligible effect on the overall weight of the car, and demonstrates perfectly how Lotus will bend to market demands whilst at the same time ensuring its core values of lightweight and purity are maintained”. That’s commitment right there.

The latest weight-shedding additions join an already extensive list of dietary options that Lotus offers for the Evora, including and not limited to removing the air-conditioning unit, and incorporating a 2+0 seating configuration, which when combined save 42kg.

The carbon pack, exhaust and lithium-ion battery will set customers back between $1700-10,000, depending which box is ticked. Thankfully, Lotus won’t charge you for removing the seats or air-con.