Land Rover SVO division creating bespoke ‘SVX’ off-road packages

You’ve probably heard of Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) department, which usually concentrates on performance ’SVR’ packages. Now we’re hearing a new lineup of off-road focused ’SVX’ packages are on the way.

Range Rover

Speaking with Car & Driver from the US, SVO manager John Edwards said SVX variants will start to roll out soon. The vehicles will come with various enhancements to assist with overall off-road performance.

Specific details on the first edition are yet to be unravelled, but we can probably expect the Land Rover Discovery or the big daddy Range Rover to receive the first attention, along with the smaller Discovery Sport.

All Land Rover models currently on sale offer a comprehensive all-terrain package, with selectable driving modes and even height adjustable suspension for some models.

For the SVX sub-brand, it will be the third side of the complete SVO triangle, Edwards says. Packages will be applied to Land Rover models only and not Jaguar vehicles, potentially bringing dramatic revisions in the way of huge lift kits, special mud tyres, unique body trimmings, and plenty of adventurer-style accessories.

It will be interesting to see what the company comes up with, especially with the all-new Defender just around the corner now. Stay tuned.